If you need a fast, effective solution to eliminating your acne, dry/sensitive skin, and clogged pores, the Some By Mi Miracle Toner provides noticeable relief within just 30 days of consistent use through its unique blend of tea tree, witch hazel, papaya, lentil seed, swift-let bird nest, and lotus extract; comprising the AHA-BHA-PHA formula. This carefully devised miracle toner essentially rebirths your skin into an utterly new one that is filled with life and joy.

The ingredients, will soothes skin, controls sebum, maintains the oil-water balance of your skin, provides a sterilizing effect, and eases inflammation; all critical factors to rid acne and nourish sensitive skin.

The Some By Mi Miracle Toner is free of 20 harmful ingredients to provide a non-irritating, hypoallergenic toner that is suitable for all skin types. It's an ideal product to incorporate into your daily routine, especially to calm alkalized skin after cleansing; the sub acidic design helping to adjust your skin's pH balance, thus keeping your skin healthy

Size 150ml

SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

  • Daily use: After cleansing, use a cotton pad to wipe toner on face, then pat gently for better absorption.

  • Dead skin cell care: Take an appropriate amount of toner with a cotton pad and apply on areas with dead skin cell problems. Leave it on for 1-3 minutes and wipe off gently.